How we Upcycle:

Our Upcycled Innovation Center

A hub for Ecopreneurs created from upcycled shipping containers that are equipped with all the necessary tools and resources to start a sustainable business.

Our Flagship Product

We are transforming plastic waste from the coasts into a bicycle that is designed to support local entrepreneurs and serve the environment simultaneously.

What is an EcoCenter?

An upcycled innovation center to create scalable earth-saving solutions from plastic waste.

A mini- recycling facility with an online curriculum, all the necessary tools, and investment strategies to create opportunities for the initiation of sustainable businesses out of upcycled plastic waste.

What inside an EcoCenter?

All the necessary tools and resources to start a sustainable business from plastic waste.


Talent is equally distributed but the opportunity is not. What could we do if we tapped into the brainpower of the 4 billion-plus people living at the bottom of the economic pyramid? 

What can you do to help unlock all that untapped potential?”

Leila Janah

Designed for maximum positive impact

We are tackling several United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in one initiative.

The Ecocenter initiative contributes directly to the 2030 UN Sustainable Development Goals with a quantifiable impact while directly solving these problems.

Ecological Impact

Designed to help solve ecological problems from many angles.

  • Collecting and upcycling thousands of tons of plastic waste into the circular economy
  • Mitigating the climate crisis through sustainable transportation & Vertical permaculture farming 
  • Supporting local conservation efforts & providing healthy living conditions for all inhabitants
  • Creating Environmental Awareness through Education and conscious experiences

Entrepreneurial Impact

We empower Ecopreneurs to  solve today’s most vital ecological problems, using the power of business to restore global harmony.

We want to help close the gap for growth opportunites in the entreprenurial sector by supporting with education, accountability, community and finances, thus opening a global distribution network to increase market potential from local to global.

An innovative bicycle made from approx 80 % of upcycled plastic waste.


Turning trash into treasure that can positively impact communities around the world!

With your support we can:

  • Empower Ecopreneurship
  • Provide healthy living conditions for communities
  • Create many sustainable innovative businesses
  • Educate and provide access to marginalized communities
  • Mitigate the climate crisis
  • Help create jobs and sustainable transportation methods
  • Clean up the environment
  • Provide opportunities for local communities to thrive
  • Increase environmental awareness
  • Provide fun, sustainable and conscious experiences
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